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Samobor & Surrounding hills

Samobor, a medieval town of Baroque architecture and long history of successful crafts and businesses, lies at a distance of only twenty kilometers from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Samobor and its surroundings are the oldest and among the most attractive excursion destination for hikers, bicycle riders and tourists from Croatia and the entire world. The town of Samobor, with a population of about 19,000 inhabitants, in a broader, administrative sense, represents an area between the Sava River and the highest peaks of the Samoborsko gorje hill range. That entire area has a population of about 43,000 people thus making Samobor one of the most significant business and economy micro-regions in Croatia with numerous benefits for investors and employers. Samobor received the status of a free royal market place in 1242 by means of a charter awarded by King Bela IV. Thus, Samobor obtained the right to trade freely as early as in the 13th century. In the past, Samobor used to have a daily market during the week, the so-called open-air market, and a weekly market held on Saturdays, the so-called fair. Nowadays, the fair offers the widest possible range of goods at reasonable prices each Saturday morning. Located in the town center, the Samobor open air market offers a wide range of possibilities to purchase homemade products from local producers: fruit, vegetables, cottage cheese and sour cream, homemade pasta, typical Croatian pasta mlinci, flowers, textiles etc. available every morning. Authentic products of Samobor craftsmen, entrepreneurs, cooperatives, associations and family farms are exhibited and offered for sale at the central square during weekends from March to November. Year after year, Samobor is constantly among the safest, most prosperous and family and entrepreneur friendly towns in Croatia.

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