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Our story

Once upon the time

Once upon the time, somewhere around early 80’s the story of Vito was born.

What a decade that was! Just to mention few highlights: the best music of the humankind was written, the first commercial U.S. cell phone weighed almost one kilogram, MTV first hit the air in 1981., you didn’t have to buckle up until 1984, waterbeds were an immensely popular luxury item, the oldest known emoticon is from 1982 :).

The climate change concerns and the very first Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 seemed to be too far back then.

If there is one word that describes the power of emotion that evokes that epoch for those that lived through 80’s, it should be Saudade. Originally, from Portuguese language, but the most of the practical meaning can be found in Brazilian day to day application.

Vito did not have a chance to experience the decade first-hand, but by virtue of his predecessors’ genes, citizens of the word, true globetrotters and passionate sustainabilitist, he inherited the best of that period and is more than happy to share a cumulative experience of good old times and joy at its best.

We wish you an enjoyable and memorable stay at our Chalet.

Sincerely Yours,
Chalet Vito Crew

Chalet vito